Construction Project Management Delay In Construction Project In West Bank

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Mohammad Jarooshi
Tariq Iraqi
Murad Abdoh
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Construction  projects  in  Palestine encounters  several problems  for  the delay  over  the  projects.  There  are  causes  delaying  that  is  important  for  every  management  work  to  decide  the  best scheduling  plan  to  improve  it  to  decrease  the  time  and  cost.      Time  problems  may  occur  at  any  time  of  project  life.  The  reason  for  these  problems  is multiple;  this  will  lead  to  less  or  more  project  duration  than  what  is  proposed  in  the  plan;  and it  confuses  contractors  and  makes  some  problems  with  finishing  on  time.      The aim of this research is to assess factors influencing time and cost overruns on construction projects in west bank .      The questionnaire was distributed where we  got  57 of the 71 questionnaires were distributed and interviews were conducted and most important reasons for the delay  were identified .        The  most  causes  lead  to  delay  in  the  construction  projects  due  to  all  respondents  are :" Owner delay in freeing the contractor financial payments" , " Poor site management , "Strikes, Israeli attacks and borders closures ","Major disputes and negotiations ", " Insufficient number of staffs (contractor)", " Poor economic conditions (currency, inflation rate , etc, "Back of follow up for the project schedule and absence of continuous tracking", "Delay of material delivery to site", "Suspension of work by owner or contractor " and "Inadequate contractor experience"  .        The  most  causes  lead  to  increase cost  in  the  construction  projects  due  to  all  respondents  are :    " Inability of the contractor to be adopted properly with the project environmental " , "Low communication of donors to compensate any bad result that may come from the economic political situation", "Influenced by the total cost of the project due to delays ","Fluctuations in the cost of building materials", " Lack of cost planning /monitoring during pre-and post contract stages "  .