Steel Structural Design

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Abdallah Sami Abdallah
Oday Melhem
Moad Al-Masri
Ahmad Saadi
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Many reasons has made the steel to be the most preferable material to be used in construction. Some characteristics such as tensile strength as well as compressive strength is different from concrete. Also the constructability of steel and its high ductility make it more preferred than concrete. Moreover, the high ability of steel to resist fire are very high. So the trend of steel construction had extended all over the world.   The steel trusses are the most steel structures used in our country because of its light weight, high tensile strength and low cost. In which the design process is a combination of two parts. The first is the selecting of general layout of the truss as a whole and the members.   The other part is the scientific one, in which the behavior of members should be detected in addition to the dimensions and support allocation.   the main objective of this project is describe as comparing between two models, in two case the connections between the truss and columns are rigid ,first case with steel columns and second case  with concrete columns.   The structure was designed using codes of practice and specifications that control the design process and variables. The following codes and standards were used in this project:   1- IBC: International Building Code.   2- ACI: American Concrete Institute provision for reinforced concrete structural design.   3- Jordanian code.                        4- UBC-97 code.