HVAC System

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ateeli, Mohammad
khasib, Jamee
ganim, Yazan
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(HVAC) SYSTEMHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning or what called building management system(BMS) intelligent systems for controlling and managing buildings by automating those functions normally carried out by people and managing energy use, mainly controlling every thing deal with temperature and air (air quality, air quantity, comfort temperate, other) and other systems like FFB, FFS, water levels and lighting in building. BMS device is an PLC/CONTROLLER that comes with it programming form a certain company like DELTA with specific I/O to a project in field of work. Concept of work: sensors readings sends to the PLC/Controller. Then Automation level comes to allows components from different manufacturers to co-exist on the same network, and to communicate with one another. Management level that programmed by us and it can be edit as owner needs and main computer shows all results and situation of all systems with allowing response person to edit it. BMS system is efficient system, power saving it approved it efficiency and its applied all around the world, recently it comes to Palestine.