Future Shop For Furniture

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Khalili, Aya
Bushkar, Yaqeen
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At present, great efforts are being made to facilitate and improve human life, so technology has tried to solve these problems , an example for this , Purchasing products for interior design always has a matter that the purchased products may not satisfy customers because they cannot put them in their own place before buying . The purpose of this project is to study and develop an android application called 'Future Shop of Furniture' with the use of Augmented Reality technology for design and decoration that will help customers visualize how furniture pieces will look and fit (to scale) in their homes and also can provide details of products to support customer decision and contact with seller. Moreover , Combine buying with entertainment. That's for the customer . Not only at the consumer level , It adds a lot of features to the seller, for example increase the number of customers and keep them by adding their goods as module , and also , give him a great opportunity in competition and go a head in technology . The principle of the application is started with analyzing images from the rear camera of a android phone using ground plane model developed by Vuforia Developer technique for displaying product's details and markerless tracking technique for displaying 3D models, performing feature tracking, and calculating positions to display a 3D model over the real world image can change and The customer can change the characteristics of the model such as location.