Retrofitting and Enhancement for Nablus Municipality

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Dwaikat, Bushra
Abo-Hassan, Hanan
Ghanem, Haneen
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Nablus municipality is one of the important organization in the city since it’s provide the service to the all level of society, it has been establish since 1967 and until now no progress have been done to keep up with the needs .Population is increasing and the ability to serve the society still the same, so that made it suffer from incompetence, also there is another gap happened due to technology progress. The target of this mission is to enhance and solving the problem that we had already discussed at first part of the project. We had solved space, environmental, structural problems and we had done that according to the common vision of municipal council and our own idea. A redesign will be done for all level (architecturally, structurally, mechanically and environmentally for doing this some of software programs will be used to support our result Such as Sab2000 /Etab for structural design and checked, design builder for thermal simulation and design, Dialux evo. 7 for lighting simulation and design, Revit /AutoCAD for architectural design and AutoCAD to drawing any illustrative diagram or plans in any aspect of the design.