Palestine Hotels Finder

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Jameela Rabaya
Fatima Darawsha
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Palestine's Hotels Finder application is an android based application that works as a Client/ Server application that provides the tourists with services that they might need during their existence in Palestine especially Nablus city. The benefits of this application come from the services provided by smart phones such as GPS, internet access and the cellular structure of mobile networks.Due to the importance of Palestine as a holy place, it will be the target of tourists who might become from different countries, some of them know the place very well but the others will face some difficulties and need assistance to know where to go in order to pick a hotel during their trip .Therefore, our application will be the tool that provides services designed to reduce these difficulties, and allow the user to choose a hotel according to their needs ,which make his trip easier than before and save his time that may be wasted.Through Palestine's Hotels Finder application which integrated with Open Street Map View we provide the tourists many of services such as: searching for the best hotel's offers in the local area via GPS Local Search, find out the location and facilities of the hotel, book a hotel's room at the best possible price, without additional costs, and without having to provide your credit card or additional payment details. By using this application, we could bring information about places in Palestine, and give the user a wide selection of hotels with intuitive search feature by filtering option based on price, distance and stars. This application also provides the tourists the detailed information for each hotel together with photo gallery, rate, room type, wedding hall, restaurant and description. It displays hotel recommendation rate in the hotel details and the tourists feedback is highly appreciated via email, Call, Facebook and twitter. Book either rooms or restaurant or wedding hall in just a few steps without a credit card. In addition through Palestine Hotels Finder we provide the tourists the ability to get direction and path of the selected hotel.Palestine's Hotels Finder application characterized by usability because its user friendly and easy to use. And scalability, due to its ability to contain a lot of users at a time and can be scalable to have more users.