Cancer Care Center

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The importance of this project is that it will help in solving the problem of patients suffering from cancer in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in obtaining the necessary treatment for them in their homeland, as there are no hospitals specialized in the treatment of cancer, which has become the second cause of death in Palestine. many patients resort to waiting long for a period that may extend to months, to obtain referrals for treatment inside the 48 lands or in neighboring countries. The aim of this project was to work on alleviating their suffering while waiting, traveling to receive treatment. The project site was chosen so that it is in a middle area between the cities, on a vital and main street linking the governorates of Nablus and Ramallah, and in a quiet and distinctive area that provides a wonderful view of the olive lands. Abstract: The research includes study and analysis on several topics, including a complete and comprehensive study of the cancer hospital project. The first chapter contains the introduction of the project, objectives and description of the project. The second chapter talks about cancer and cancer hospitals and their development throughout history, besides their importance. The third chapter talks about the hospital’s departments and design foundations. The preliminary study for the establishment of cancer hospitals is in addition to a full detail of the design standards of the hospital and its components. The fourth chapter deals with case studies for projects of cancer treatment centers, including international and Arab cases . The fifth chapter talks about an analytical study of the project’s geographical, environmental and climatic location, and finally the sixth chapter talks about the general program of the project, explaining the detailed spaces for the project spaces Interior and exterior.