Structural Analysis and Design of Commercial Complex in Haifa City Palestine

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عبد الله الرفاعي
احمد سلامة
محمد حمد
محمد ابراهيم
روان ربايعه
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This complex was chosen to be built in the city of Haifa at Caramel Street-Palestine, due to its need in that area, which in turn brings economic and living benefit since it contains shops and apartments. Many important aspects of this project were covered, such as project description, hypothesis, goals, objectives, hypotheses and proof of results. The building is consisted of a basement as a parking, a ground floor which is for commercial use, five stories for residential use, a small roof that contain services for the building. The height of this building is mostly 27 meters, including the eight stories. The total area of the building is 6887 square meters. The site elevation is about 450 meters AMSL (above mean sea level). This project was designed in two steps: the first step was understanding the architectural drawings, estimating the expected loads, taking safety coefficients and modeling the structure with the computer program ETABS. The global structural codes such as ACI-318-19 and ASCE7-22 were used to make sure the work is correct according to the specifications and standards. The second step included the design of the structural elements such as slabs, beams, columns and walls using ETABS. At the end of this project all structural elements were designed based on the specifications and standards of the codes used in this project to have a safe and economical design, and professional structural drawings were be developed using AutoCAD.