Nablus Exhibition Center

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Diab, Sondos
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About the project: The exhibition and conference center project consist of four separate buildings, three of which are exhibition centers, each one include exhibition hall, reception and registration area, stores, in addition to a variety of meeting rooms and seminars. The fourth building is a conference center containing three conference halls with different spaces, one of which took the style of the theaters. In addition to the public restaurant, the administration of the center, the VIP reception and the press section to cover the events inside the center. The project also includes a parking for about 300 cars and buses, as well as a garden with an outdoor exhibition area, children's play areas, a family area, kiosks, and rest areas among the trees with different views to the exhibitions. the general idea: The general idea of the project is twofold: 1 - Due to the lack of green spaces of the city, the idea is to design an exhibition center with a garden for visitors, which includes various activities and variety, to maximize the enjoyment of the visitor as well as shopping in the exhibitions. 2 - create the largest path of movement within the project to achieve the greatest possible vision of the visitor. The buildings were distributed on the edge of the ground, taking the central garden between the exhibition buildings. And connect the building and the park with a path of movement, so that the passer-by in the path can see all the exhibits on the one hand and enjoy the view of the garden on the other. To confirm the movement of the track, the path to the buildings was broken so that the façades of the exhibits seemed to follow the path.