Design for paltel company in Nablus

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halabi, Mohammed
abbas, basel
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With rapidly increasing of population and telecommunications technologies worldwide, desire for quality services for people with the best customer support is increasing. In order to achieve these services with the best results, an appropriate working environment should be created to meet all human needs and requirements. For this aim, this graduation project is fundamentally concerned with the evaluation of the Palestinian Telecommunications Company (Paltel). The major goal of this project is to value Paltel offices’ building in all the sides related to building engineering requirements starting from the architectural design following by the electrical, mechanical, environmental and eventually the structural design. This project is scheduled to be completed in two major phases during the 2017/2018 academic year. First, a research phase that includes a complete evaluation of the Patel’s building using all plans designed and implemented to identify the major design flaws on each side. This assessment is done by comparing the data of the Patel’s building with different codes, standards and recommendations that were presented to office buildings in general. However, some case studies will be conducted for cases that do not contain any clear criteria. Second, the 2 graduate project for theater redesign aims to improve the design according to all the information collected in the first stage by reducing defects in the previous design or completely removed. This phase is executed efficiently by simulating the building using some computer programs such as Design Builder, Ecotect, Insul, Dialux, SAP, ETABS, MEDAS GEN. Finally, fully detailed plans will be provided with high quality design in all aspects of the building.