Metropolitan Planning for the City of Nablus

The Palestinian territories are facing rapid and unplanned changes in all fields, especially planning. Where the Palestinian cities suffer from many physical and planning problems with the increasing number of population, the erosion of land areas, and the policies of the occupation in the restrictions imposed on residential areas. With the great scientific development in the various fields of urban planning and the increase in urban areas in most of the world, the planning of major cities has emerged. In the West Bank, the governorate that most likely to use this type of planning are Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus and Bethlehem. This type of planning works to improve the services for population as well as to preserve the natural resources and development of the region in a deliberate manner. It is also improve exploitation of the land and reduces the environmental and health damage resulting from the absence of planning. This may require specialized studies in the development sectors as well as the financial, administrative and organizational sectors. Metropolitan planning can be defined as urban planning and urban integrated, which seeks to benefit from all citizens and elements that can be used, to assist the central city and the surrounding towns and villages which will become as integrated physical and planning unit. From justifications of this planning is the need for urban expansion significant population growth, lack of planning at the regional level, and widening of the gap between urban and rural communities. This study took Nablus governorate as a case study. The term of metropolitan was taken form Ibn Khaldun which include select the boundaries of the study area which was based on selected criteria, and then study the communities and analysis their data which where collected through the field survey. After that, assess the communities based on the SWOT analysis for each community to reach future vision for the metropolitan area and to the most important issues, goals and future plans. Finally, clarify the objectives that will be achieved and fragmented objectives part one will achieve administrative secondary services centers and the other part will be plan for metropolitan area which has two scenarios are taking into account the existence of For Israel and its absence.