Microemulsion in drug delivery Systems

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Badran, Alaa
Suliman, Hadeel
Tareq, Hanaa
Awwad, Ibtihaj
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Microemulsions are excellent candidates as potential drug delivery systems because of their improved drug soluiblization, long shelf life, and ease of preparation and administration. The formulation of microemulsions for pharmaceutical use requires thorough understanding of the properties, uses, and limitations of microemulsions. The microemulsions formulation depending on the type of surfactant, co surfactant, and oil . In this project, microemulsion drug delivery system (MEDDS) has been developed to enhance bioavailability of curcumin. After conducting hundreds of experiments the microemulsion was obtained, moreover all the experiments were represented in triangle phase diagram. The formation of microemulsion is shown in shaded circle in the constructed phase diagram. The best microemulsion composition is (60%water, 25% surfactant, 15% oil) The curcumin solubility was checked in different oils, for same surfactants/co-surfactants composition. Triangle phase diagrams were constructed to evaluate the microemulsion domain. The curcumin drug was prepared using microemulsion consists of Jojoba with clove and pure clove (oil), Tween 20 (surfactant), and span 80 (co-surfactant).