Human Following Robot

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Sa’d, Qamhiya
Shareef, Tamimi
Murad, Nassif
Omyr, Wahbe
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Robot is a machine that can help people doing their daily activities, support humans effectively, and also can help in manufacturing processes as the reason of creation. In our project the robot we can call ‘following robot’, made for helping people by carrying their own stuff. The purpose of human-following robot is to improve the relationship between people and the robot. For instance, the robot can carry loads that are required by people working on hospitals, restaurants, shopping moles, airports and other hauling activities. A human following robot should have the capabilities to differentiate the target object or human from supplementary object and capture it by any method assigned to it. We are aiming in this project to develop on shopping process with a very good and attractive way, by identifying the target of human from the surroundings and achieve the human following behavior by the robot and follows wherever the human go. One of the advantages and benefits is having a cart that follows you in shopping markets that can carry the goods and move it in the various sectors of the market, and also it can gives the ability to assist in various situations such as carrying heavy loads.