AL-Qassas Mosque Redesign

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Katot, Tayseer
Khayat, Mohammed
Saleem, Alaa
Kan’an, Yousef
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Integrated design is an approach to design which brings together specialisms usually considered separately. For example: Design of a building which considers architecture, structural electrical , environmental Engineering and HVAC. The approach may also integrate building lifecycle management and a greater consideration Of the end users of the building. The main objective of this project will be design a mosque that take into account the integration of architecture , structural , mechanical , electrical environmental aspects The most designs in Palestine for mosques doesn’t take into consideration of integration in these terms and to produce sustainable architecture. In this project, a mosque - AL-Qasas mosque , which is located in Nablus – Bet wazan ST was taken as case study . The process in which this project is implemented is divided into several phase : The first one will be assessment the building from an environmental , architectural mechanical, electrical and make sure that they meet the requirements of the code which is done in project 1. The next phase will be proposals for the improvement of the building from the aspects Mentioned earlier . Finally Redesign the building so that proposals made are considered as in this project.