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Ahmad Mohammad Jawabri
Ali Younes Dwaikat
Mosab Irsan Abo-Oun
Nidal Ibrahim Samara
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Nablus is one of the most important cities in the West Bank due to its location that connects between cities. So its location affects the economical, tourist, commercial and educational sectors. So, the movement from the center of Nablus city and the surrounding areas to the main roads and vice versa should be easy, fast, safe, comfortable and with suitable design roads to accumulate the traffic volume. Project will deal with important locations in this system. This project will study four main locations in Nablus city that are critical points in the transportation system in Nablus; the first is Deir-Sharaf intersection that connects between Nablus, Jenin and Tulkarm cities, the second is Al-Ghawi intersection that connects the eastern area of Nablus with the center of the city, the third is Al-Quds intersection that connects Ramallah and the other southern areas, in addition to other eastern areas of Nablus with the center of the city, the fourth one is Beit Wazan intersection that connects Nablus with Qalqilyah city. The objective of studying these intersections is to evaluate the intersections that considered as the main entrances of Nablus. To achieve the purpose, the study will begin with data collection to analyze traffic counts, evaluation will be done to determine the level of service at the existing case and the expected case after 20 years for every intersection.  After that, warrants checks will be done to decide if the intersection is warranted for signalized or not.  The analysis of data collected will lead to beneficial information to assess the mentioned intersection
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