Electronic Municipality

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Aqra, Najeba
Abu Salah, Najla
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Municipality System The municipality is the link between citizens and the government to obtain services and pay their obligations, so they usually visit it a lot personally which consumes time and effort. In fact, there is a site for most municipalities but does not provide all the services provided by this site. In addition, this site will provide more useful services and will be linked to a mobile application that allows subscribers to get notifications for the latest news . In this project we will develop a website and a mobile application to allow citizens to communicate with municipal officials and achieve their needs and know about the status of new and existing projects online. The site and application will provide many features: - Definition of the president and members of the municipality and their various roles and permissions. - Define all departments and the functions of each one and the services it provides. - Get notifications when you have dues to pay, fees and fines. - Payment of water bills. - Donation to the municipality. - Get notification about current vacancies, or apply for jobs. - Submit complaints and suggestions and tracking the actions taken to solve the problem . - User can evaluate municipal services. - News and announcements. - Important contacts for Conducting a textual conversation with the municipality staff when needed . - Guide of procedures and violations - It also contains a database for graduates at the Graduates Students Corner. Municipal employees are allowed to add members, track the project using GPS, add news about the municipality, prepare and publish reports about municipal projects