3D Dynamic Analysis and Design of Ajyad Building

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Mohammed wafiq omer
Mahmoud Hammad
Malath omair
Abd Algani Sami
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     This project is a structural analysis and design of Ajyad building which lies in Nablus city Beit Wazan. The building consists of seven floors and will be used as residential building. To be certain that the mathematical model reflects the reality as possible; the structure will be analyzed as a 3D model for static and dynamic loads. Manual methods will be used for 1D models to verify 3D model generated using a software program. After doing the analysis process, we will design the building for gravity loads and to sustain dynamic loads.      The importance of any building is represented in its ability to serve people who live in or around, with minimum negative environmental impacts. Ajyad is one of these buildings that play an important role in serving people.   Ajyad building lies on Beit Wazan at Nablus city, the building consists of 7 floors with a total area of 2940 m2 and an area for each floor of 420 m2 ,it is a residential building of reinforced concrete structure. For architecture plans and more details refer to CD and plans attached.