The Pyrolysis Plastic toOil: Experimental Results &Analysis

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Mohammed Mustafa
Mohammed Salamah
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Palestine has been falling behind in the race of recycling techniques and ethics against the world. Palestine suffers financially every year due to bad recycling techniques or non-existent recycling methods. To find a solution of this problem, a pyrolysis machine has been designed and built, to reduce pollution resulted due to plastic, through machine which heat and melt the tires by a rotary container with a gas source at the bottom. So that these processes produce fuel, gas and coal in a certain quantitythat are assembled in a special container due to their varying densities, coal is in the form of solid that is collected in a container. The fuel is in the form of gas, which is condensed by coolers on the tube inters the container, the remaining gasreturned to the heat source so that it is the feeder of the heat source. In this study the process defined and the result was at the ratio of 1kg of tires give 0.4 kg of fuel, 0.4 of black carbon, 0.1 kg of wires and 0.1 kg of return gas, that the other studies give a same ratio.