Palestinian Consumers' Perception towards Safety, Quality and Environmental Impact of Chinese Products

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Hanan Abu-Kharmah
Leen Abu Lughod
Aseel Al Akhras
Hala Ashayqa
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A few years ago, Chinese products become one of the most prevalent products on the Palestinian market. Although these products considered as low/poor quality, it's impossible to find a house, office or shop empty of these products. We can't say that all Chinese products have a low quality, but we definitely can conclude that the Palestinian market flooded with Chinese products that have a quality not as well as it must be.   Palestinian people use low quality Chinese product on their everyday life, the cheap price of these products led to import things that may pollute or damage the environment, and hurt consumer's health and safety. The influences of such products on its consumers may not be clear for all people.   This project is focusing on assessing the Palestinian consumer's perception toward the quality of the Chinese products that they use on their everyday life, as well the awareness of them about the effects of these products on human's health, safety and environment.   The project was dedicated on specific Chinese products: clothes, shoes, kid games, house wares, and accessories. Most of the previous products on the Palestinian market have a low quality that influences their consumers badly; nevertheless we can't find a place empty of at least one of these products.   The effects of the Chinese products can be limit by increasing the awareness of Palestinian consumers about this problem. Due to this, the perception of the Palestinian people toward quality of these products, effects of these products on safety and health, and the products influences on the environment will be asses. Then the differences between the scores of awareness and the causes of these differences from many sides will be put, In order to shed light on the problems  resulting from the lack  of awareness,  Thereby enhancing the ways that can  avoid the risks resulted.   The sample for this project will aim to include different age stages, gender, educational levels and residential places, in order to assess the real situation of the Palestinian consumer perception to find the suitable solution for problems if exists.