Children Creativity Center

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Hamdan, Abdullah
Illaiwi, Ahmad
Shaheen, Sarah
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This project is a children creative center, its function based on cultural and educational scenarios. It aims to increase the places children can go where they can improve their abilities and express their ideas especially in Nablus city. So it is crucial to establish a building that provides the good use and application. The objective of this project is to create a unique center for children with high quality features in different design aspects in an integrated manner between architectural, structural, environmental and mechanical aspects. The object was achieved by evaluating the architectural design firstly, in order to check if it was correspond the required specifications and standards. Structural design which include special features such as cantilever and inclined walls was followed in order to select the suitable structural system. In addition to the environmental design including acoustical and lighting aesthetic was done to approach an integrated design with a good performance of the project. Furthermore, mechanical system was designed for the project including HVAC, water supply and drainage system. At the end of the project quantities and cost was calculated and estimated. This project was achieved at two semesters, work was partitioned over the first semester, taking standards into considerations in each design. Some architectural and constructional parts was modified to make sure that each aspect affects the other in a good way to have a compatible final result. This was achieved by doing literature review, site analysis and case study analysis. The other design was done over the second semester. Each part of the project design was modeled on the computer program Rivet, SAP2000, ETABS, Design builder, Dialux and AutoCAD for designing and analyzing. In the other hand, there was manual calculation where done on excel sheets. Finally, even there are similar building available in Nablus city, but this project is distinguished in terms of providing advanced design includes special functions such as: gym, multipurpose room, cafeteria, library and receptions, which meets the required recommendation and standards. Moreover it will be distinguished by concentrating more on the Architectural-Environmental aspect of the design.