Structural Analysis and Design of Zayed College for Nursing and Optics

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Amal Sabbah
Maha Sharei
Jumana Khatib
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This project introduces the structural analysis and design of a reinforced concrete structure. The structure is Zayed College for Nursing and Optics in Nablus city. The analysis and design of the project spanned in two phases. In Project 1, an introduction to the building, analysis and design processes were presented, including the primary assumptions considered for the design against gravity. Also, specific bearing structural elements, namely; columns, beams and slabs, were analyzed and designed. Now, In Project 2, the design of the entire building is finalized including 3D numerical modeling (via SAP2000) of the structure and the design against seismic-induced lateral loads using Response Spectrum analysis. Special elements, such as stair cases, structural walls, and foundations are also dealt with in the project. Throughout the project, the building is analyzed and designed according to ACI-318-08 minimum requirements and the UBC 97 code. This report gives final analysis and design from a 3 dimensional analysis model induced to gravity and seismic loads. Detailed results of the analysis and design in addition to shop-drawings for the structural elements outlining the dimensions of the sections and rebar details are presented throughout the report and as an appendix.