Design of New Generation Secondary School

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Abo-Aishe, Odai
Al-Haj Qasem, Mostafa
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This Project is about design Secondary school at Nablus. This building will be designed based on the data and information which was collected in first stage of project. In this project we will design ideal school from all aspects architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and environmental compatible with standards. The work on this project will be done in two semesters in academic year 2018\2019. - In the first semester:  We will collect standards and aspects about the schools to make full study and performance analysis.  Make a quick research about thermal mass to use this information in design.  Study the site of school and make environmental analysis.  Make an architectural design with full planes, elevations and section. - In the second semester: Depending on architectural design in first semester:  Make requirement adjustment in architectural design make 3D Revit model.  Make a structural design with full details for structural elements.  Make an environmental design (Daylighting, Lighting and acoustics).  Design the other systems like mechanical, electrical…etc. (Integration the design). Codes and specifications that are taken into account: 1- ACI 318-2014, in structural design 2- Neufert Architects' Data, Fourth Edition 4th Edition, 2012, Wiley-Blackwell 3- ASHREA 2009, in mechanical design 4- NEC 2008 , in electrical design