Uninfected Corona Nurse

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Wawi, Badawi
Issam, Mohammed
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Because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19 pandemic), all countries of the world are suffering from the increasing number of infections and with the spread of this disease among medical personnel in the world in general and Palestine in particular, it has become necessary to find a solution that reduces direct interaction between nurses and the infected, as we all know that the main cause of infection is It is contact with infected patients, so our project aims to reduce direct interaction between nurses and infected patients. We built a robot man and gave him the main function, which is to deliver parcels and supplies to quarantined patients in hospitals, as it reduces the direct interaction of nurses with quarantined patients and this leads to avoiding the main cause of infection, which is direct interaction with the injured. Our robot performs the following functions: 1. Distribution of parcels to patients (maximum 4 parcels in one round) 2. Follow a predetermined route so that all rooms are located on that road 3. Take the patient's temperature and send it to the responsible nurse Line-Follower is the default delivery mechanism What is Line-Follower? It is a robot (car) that walks on a line that has a distinctive color that is different from the rest of the color of the earth and continues to follow it until the end of the path set for it. If it leaves the path, it tries to return to it again. It uses some sensors so that it can distinguish the color of the line from the rest of the colors of the earth. To achieve this method, we used an IR Transmitter & receiver sensor, in turn, to know if the light was reflected or not, and if there