Automatic Robotic Arrangement

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Abdulhadi, Nuha
Aamar, Anwar
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In our project, we have built a system that arranges the goods inside the warehouse in their specified locations based on their serial number or color. This system works in an automated way to organize the store and put the product in its own place until the next product comes in the event of no user intervention to change the location of the goods or rearrange or request a specific product to be removed from the warehouse using the keypad. We have used the CNC platform with a gripper that works somewhat like a human hand to pick up the products, so that the system moves in a three-dimensional motion, the x-axis, the y-axis and the z-axis around the shelving frame. There are specific areas for each color red, green and blue. There are also specific areas for each product that has its own serial number. We have used the Arduino Mega board to fully control the system, it is the basic part of each motor, sensors, and gripper.