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Wala Hamad
Khayrieh Homran
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As smart mobile technologies started to be more advanced, it becomes important to deploy this advanced technology to make the communication between hearing impaired and other hearing people, who do not understand sign language, more easy, effective and comfortable for both sides.   Our project is an Android application that allows deaf, mute, and hearing impaired people to communicate with other people. The user can choose one of three available modes in the application: conversation mode or chat friend mode or one device mode. Conversation mode allow deaf participate and interact in group conservation and meeting. Chat friend mode is a chat application that support add friend, chat with friends functionalities and sign language translation of received messages feature for deaf users. One device mode allow deaf to use smart phone when they have short, quick conversation with other hearing person.   Our project also provides new way for normal hearing people who care about and want to learn Sign Language basics. It is contained Arabic word sign dictionary and sign training with three difficulty levels.    Application developing flow start with building normal group conversation functionality, and peer-to-peer friend chat application. After that, we started building Sign Language different signs; we were able to build 150 different signs. After that, we started creating Text Processing and text to sign converter algorithm to process input text and convert it to sign language. After that, we completed developing other application functionalities, sign dictionary, sign training, single device mode. Finally, we tested our application to ensure that there were not any bug or defects that affect application behavior.   We faced many problems during the development process. On of these problem is finding a suitable way to store sign language body movements. Another one is finding a POS (Part of speech) library that support Arabic Language. We were able to overcome these problems and continued developing process.   We end up with complete easy to use Sign Language Application. Now, we have a lot of work to do to enhance our application and upload it to Android Market. 
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