Designing the “4 stars” Hotel

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Bozyah, Rawan
AbuHamma, Mohammad
Qaradeh, Muath
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In this project, we will redesign and improve a building in Rafidia-Nablus, which includes Offices and Bedrooms, and turn it into an eco-friendly 4-star hotel. We chose this project because the city of Nablus needs such a building, as there isn’t much of it in Palestine yet. Also, we believe we will learn a lot from the process and challenge of working on this Hotel, and this hotel’s construction will provide many job prospects for the engineering sector in Palestine. Finally, during its life, it will help the economy of the city of Nablus due to its unique prospects and placement in such an important place as Rafidia. In this project, we will study the current design and compare it to standards to determine the aspects we should improve. We will provide a case study to compare and contrast. Then, we will provide an improved architectural design that considers the structural, environmental, and mechanical design, to provide an integrated plan to design an eco friendly 4-star multifunctional hotel.