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The project builts on the lands of Jayyous town in qalqilya governorate, which is located on the road between Qalqilya and Tulkarm in an area considered relatively far from the town center. This particular spot was chosen due to the recent increasing tendency to build in this village out of stability in areas away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, but this desire was at the expense of vegetation cover, and therefore it became necessary to work to raise the cultural and educational level of its residents specifically through an institute and an agricultural research center in addition to working On reviving the northern area of the town. The project is characterized by targeting 3 categories, namely the category of students wishing to specialize in the agricultural field (the institute), the category of specialized researchers (the research center) and the general public through seminars and other awareness and educational activities that are held on regularly. The blocks were distributed in the project to define two separate areas, one for the institute (student movement) and the other a green space belonging to the research center. These blocks revolve around a main axial path that intersects with it vertically and forms the main path in the project. The blocks breaking through the site from scratch and gradually increase their height to simulate the process of plant growth, starting from zero (the beginning of the greenhouses) and graduating to the highest point in the project (the college ). The design of the facades depends on using green elements to create natural shading with high transparency at the same time, and using the abstraction of tree trunk lines, which gives distinctive reflections inside the buildings, especially in the interaction areas.