Flixy Robot

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Abu Salah, Abdullrahman
Abu Snaina, Ahmed
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Robots in general are fixed and meant to have one or few purposes, they are considered as a whole rigid body, changing in functionality is little to totally absence. Many robots share a main structure of the core, but due to the fixed behavior of its design, it will be expensive to reuse its parts again. As a solution, we came up with the idea of a flexible plug and play robot, or as we like to call "Flixy". Each part of Flixy is independent in its own, we like to call it a module, attaching it to the core robot, will add a new behavior to the core, such as IR module and stepper motor module. This is mainly use to generalize the idea of robot and hardware architecture. The concept of Flixy is in the communication between the modules and the core, every module is a microchip with its sensors and plugins with unique behavior, the core in the other hand, is just the microchip block that you install the code on and connect the modules. When attaching the module, the core communicate with it and agree on how the communication is done, automatically without the user/programmer awareness. Afterwards, the programmer can easily use our library to control the modules with a very little backend knowledge of that module. Therefore, in this way, the core will be flexible to any new module, all you have to do is to keep the library up-to-date, and attach our new module to your standard core. All events in Flixy fire a tracker message, it is used to keep up with everything happens on our design, user can also choose to run the master on Bluetooth control mode, which allow him to use it remotely.