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Mosallam, Aysar
Sawafta, Saleh
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This project aims to build a robot to enable man to move objects from one place to another, instead of being moved by human beings. In addition to helping people to deal with objects easily via the use of robots, this project will increase the mobility of handicapped people. This robot contains two parts: the first one is a car controlled via a mobile application that decides the direction of the car (forward, backward, left and right), and the second part is an arm mounted on the car. The application also controls the directions (moving up and down, holding objects and releasing them) of the arm. Also, there are other features of the project, the artificial intelligent systemS which responsive to avoid accident with other another objects and a camera associated with the arm to show users the surrounding area and the target object. This will also enable users to deploy live stream video sent to the application. The main communication means between the application and the robot is Wi-Fi.