Sorting Robot (directional)

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Zaid, Inas
shenawi, Noura
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Image processing in technology world takes a big attention since it has the ability to make the scope of application much greater, although robots have taken a big place especially in industry.Many factories need a mechanism to arrange goods.Today, arranging and organizing requires time and effort, this lead to make robots to do this task with less time, effort and greater precision. In our Project, we will integrate image processing with robot to make a robot’s arm which has the ability to sort objects; Project should achieve this list: 1. the robot will recognize the pieces that will be arranged by image processing. 2. it will pick a similar object in different direction . 3. the robot place it in the same final direcion. 4. the process will be repeated for all the pieces until they all be sorted. Our Project showing its uses in the factories .For example, some machines keep produce a number of products in product line in different direction .Our robot sort them in the same final direction in order to go to the final destination in sort way. Sorting robots are extensively used in many industries and factories to save time and effort and get higher accuracy.Most of the errors caused by humans due to their limited potential and slow performancewere solved using these robots. For designing side, we will use raspberry pi for image processing ,arduino and servomotors.