The devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, where people are still dealing with the aftershocks and trying to rescue the injured from the rubble, have been recently brought to everyone's attention. One of the biggest issues was the sheer number of volunteers and rescuers required to find people under the rubble, so we made the decision to assist these rescuers with our clever robot. The Project is a robot that can go inside destroyed buildings to aid rescuers in finding victims without become injured. It can stream live videos to a mobile, and we will add additional sensors to inform rescuers of a person's survival. The design, which must be portable, lightweight, and able to maneuver in tight spaces, as well as the caliber of the real-time videos, and the accuracy and dependability of the sensor readings, are the most crucial aspects of this project. When earthquakes or other catastrophes hit cities, the quick and safe finding of survivors is a matter of life and death. The search needs to be done very carefully because vibrations could cause the debris to move again and harm the victims or the rescuers. As a result, modern robotic technology is being used by rescuers more and more, one of the technologies that developed is RoBoa the robot looks like a snake and go under the rubble the head is equipped with cameras, lights, speakers, microphones and various sensors