Keep A live_A Multiplayer FPS Game

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Amer Iskander
Hamza Abuzahra
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The PC games market is the largest market in the gaming world, so we decide to enter this market and to compete through publishing a multi-player First-Person shooter game. Our game allows players to compete with each other.Our project is a PC multi-player 3D FPS game we called it Keep Alive. Simply, the player can create a new game and choose one of the two available modes in the game: single-player mode or multi-player mode. If the player chooses the multiplayer mode, other players can enter that game using network. Within the game, shoots, health, score, power ups, Beasts and Zombies will act as attractive features for the players.Two important issues were taken into consideration while developing this game. The first one was trying to use Free Recourses in the developing process, for example free game engine and free game graphics. The second was the game performance, because the game is played over a network.The developing flow started with analyzing the game idea, defining the scenario and game rules and dividing it into small modules and tasks. After that, we chose the Unity 3d game engine as the engine of our game and we drew the game UI and the game graphics on the Blender. We chose the color schema, audio and sound effects. After that, we started the development process using the Mono Developer IDE with unity APIs. Finally, we tested the game to ensure that there werent any bugs or defects that reduce the game quality.We solved many problems during the development process. One of these problems is the animation of the player when he move, shoot or carry weapons. Also, we solved the transmission delay problem which occurs when the players exchange their health, weapons and teams upon the network.We end up with a very attractive multiplayer game that allows the players compete with each other. Now, we have a lot of work to do such as enhance the game graphics, design more levels for the game, and make an AI for the player in order to make the game more attractive. After that, we will upload it on the unity store.