The Processing of Arabic Financial Reports

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nour, Abu-Hijleh
Mahamdeh, Raya
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The economical sector is huge sector, that requires the availability of a full database, rather than wasting time and effort in collecting the financial reports from companies, and extracting the required data manually, which would also be prone to a high error rate, and instant data becomes old data by the time it is processed. This project aims to provide such a real-time database through analyzing and extracting data from the financial reports of the companies, starting with the banks in Palestine and further expansions in the future. This project can be the base for any future financial application. However, extracting the data from the PDF format of the companies is a big challenge, that haven’t yet been solved at the current time, whether it is due to the use of the Arabic language, or the semi- to none structured, or not using a standard to write the reports. And thus, a proposed solution of creating an input-form which would directly add the data to the database after required processing, and would also create the PDF formatted report for the companies. An additional feature, is the use of the Ontology and reasonability, which would show how the companies are connected to one another, and how each could affect the others.