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Isleem, Tala
Abu-Abiah, Iman
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This project is a website not for a certain segment, we want throw it to make people have some important information about their electrical machines in their home, office or any where they use any electrical machines. The user will open this website and browse the machines that is working in the place where he/she use this project, and when any machine start or stop working this website will shows notification to the user that have massage told him what’s happening. Also he/she can browse the consumption per day, week or month of all machines. In the home page the user can see the signal that the used devise send as live a graph (as a function of time), which represent power, Current, voltage and Energy of that place where the devise is connected. I used Angular 6 to build this website, and install some features to complete it like Plotly.js library which help me to build the graphs, bootstrap to style the website, and font awesome for some icons, XAMPP server to save all data to database and QT to write program to read from device, those were the software tools which used, and the PZEM-004T was the devise used to get readings of power, Current, voltage and Energy.