People with special needs school

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Isra Abu Shamleh
Siren Odeh
Rania Bsharat
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The services for each part of the Palestinian society have to be considered by the engineers who are working in high level management in local organizations, and also for one who has the decision in Palestine. One of the main needs of the society is to provide a good care for people who have special needs. In Howara town, the municipality plan is to provide that services and facilities in new existing building. This project is to redesign the building to be comfortable and suitable for that kind of people, depending on the standards and specifications will be covered by the first report in this project.   The project aims to find a center to provide rehabilitation of people who have special needs. The project may involve increase the entire area of the building, improvement in its Appearance, structural, electrical, mechanical, and environmental systems. The main aspects which will be redesigned in the project are architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental, and public safety.   There are several projects similar to this project will be discussed as case studies. This project will be resulted with a comprehensive design and drawings in each aspect.
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