Mini SCADA System for Monitoring PV and Wind-Installation in Meteorology stations

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Ahmad Khalil
Mohammad Sayeh
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AbstractWhy do you think this project is important? Please explain the significance of this                   Project in brief.Monitoring and performance analysis of solar PV plants have become extremely critical due to the increasing cost of operation and maintenance as well as reducing yield due to performance degradation during the life cycle of the plant equipments. This becomes essential to ensure high performance, low downtime and fault detection in a solar PV power plant. On-site weather data, production data from the panel strings, inverters and transformers are required to be continuously collected for monitoring and analysis of performance. Data acquisition from AC and DC control panels are further required for operational monitoring and control of the plant and substation. A well designed monitoring and analytics system assists in reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.In your point of view what are the important aspects that should be covered in the project?Elements of PV/ Control of PV/ Monitoring of PV/Performance and Evaluation.Objective(s): In your view, please explain the main objectives of the project.Real-time snapshot of plant status.Supervision and plant operation (alarms).In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool. Dashboards for easy visualization of data and communication with devices.Methodology:  Give a brief outline of the application development process.Well design and build a system that monitor the operation of the PV-Power stations in terms of the Array Voltage, Array Current, Array Power, Module Temperature, Ambient Temperature, Global Irradiance, Global Irradiation. This system will also include an alarm, which warns in any faulty case with any of the solar cells.