Hand Gesture Robotic Car and Arm Project

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Barri, Lama
Abd Al khaleq, Leen
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In these enormous technological advances, the interaction between human and machine is becoming easy So, these technologies were exploited to facilitate the living conditions and to achieve what is difficult for a person to perform one of these big technology is Robotic, which is spread widely to replace human activities in various areas and can follow the instruction of human actions and perform the task. This paper deals with a robotic car and robotic arm controlled through a device that is attached to the hand glove. The accelerometer on it detects motion tracking of hand by 3-Axis compass. The project consists of two parts, the transmitter, and the receiver. The transmitter part will transmit the displacement of the accumulator, and the receiver will determine the mechanism of motion depend on the signal received. Based on the hand gesture the car will move in different directions like FORWARD, BACKWORD, LEFT, and RIGHT, while the arm has been developed to pick and place objects