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وائل, ورود
بني جابر, نهى
عاصي, لانا
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The project that we have prepared is a website that offers books for sale online and allows the feature of downloading books, as the site consists of two main parts, namely the website page and the store page, which allows the user to complete the purchase or add the product to the cart, whether he creates an account first, what is required Just enter some important information to complete the purchase. We have created this website to sell books electronically and also in order to allow books to be read electronically, given the current circumstances (covide 19), where the person become have a lot of free time Which is being exploited on social networking sites or video games ... etc. This is not good, so people have to use the extra time with something Useful due to the difficulty of moving during the closing periods where it is difficult for a person to go to acquire books or novels, and since the delivery service was widely available during those periods, in addition to that, as for me, I am a student, Nuha is not available in my country any electronic stores to sell books (only some people who They display books on Facebook pages, and the number and classifications of those books are limited and they do not deliver.) Therefore, we thought about creating a website to sell and display books and novels electronically with the Availability of delivery service and get the books by downloading them from our site.