Standalone Photovoltaic System Sizing Based On Different Approaches

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Obada Abu-Eideh
Aref Masri
Motaz Hanbali
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Abstract: Sizing a standalone PV system can be done using different approaches and methods, thus, it is important to use the most suitable approach in order to determine the most accurate size of the system, especially with the high cost of such systems.The variation of the methods and approaches that are used to design a standalone PV system requires determining which one is better than the other, so a comparison is to be made between two approaches which are traditional & loss of load probability approach.  This project is a research project, thus, the desired components for the traditional approach are to be calculated in the first part, then the calculations of loss of load calculations. Ratios from the size of the PV and the batteries are taken to get the best design with less cost and same performance. After getting the optimal size as shown in the manual calculation, an economical study is put in the next step to determine the price of the design, some figures and graphs that show the specifications and the performance of the system are added. That concluded in results that the loss of load approach is better than the traditional method.
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