Maintenance Management System for Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCO)

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Abdalrahim M. Abulaila
Ahmad Sabaane
Diaa Sharab
Ghadeer Issa
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There is a lot of work in the field of industry and construction that needs to have maintenance work, not any maintenance but maintenance that is successful. To do the inclusion of maintenance system, there is a need to delete or add or modify in storage operations, as well as in parts of alternative. Upon approval of any action we need to establish a comprehensive for all maintenance costs, so it is the duty of maintenance manager to do extensive evaluation process and re-consider and guide for all orders and equipment, materials and manpower. Since we live with the time of technological development, there are a lot of computerized maintenance programs available in the commercial market to help provide effective management systems and maintenance of existing assets with constructors. So must supervisor or manager maintenance department that the process control, supervision, and organize daily, monthly or annual basis, depending on the nature maintenance work or the impact on consumer and community service. Among so that the process of matching a comprehensive maintenance costs with the company's budget are available in that thing. Consciousness as well as making representations at the appropriate times, because any decision at the wrong time may result in appropriate sparked great destroys Company. Maintenance manager must do reports and match them with what is planned and proposed.   Chapter one talked about maintenance management system. Also talked about general definitions for maintenance from different point  view, then it classifies  maintenance types through general and specific types  and how the maintenance plans could be prepared very well and the processes followed for manage the maintenance systems. After that the goals that will achieve by maintenance system management.   Chapter tow talked about previous case studies about maintenance management systems and how it can be implement in different areas such as production plants, electrical distribution companies. Also discuss the total productive maintenance and its importance, the benefit s will reward by implementing it. And how the maintenance management systems can be computerized.   Chapter three defined the northern electricity distribution company (NEDCO) and its vision and mission, the reasons for established and the policy of it. Then the project talked about how the company deals with subscribers claims. Also describe the current situation for NEDCO from maintenance management point view and the expected improvement in the system. Then it discusses the case studies about key performance indicators (KPIs) and its benefits on the system.   In chapter four the strategies and its objectives for maintenance department were proposed. Then discuss the organizational structure for whole company and the location of maintenance department in it. After that, the duties and the purpose of the job for the head of maintenance, installation, and staff of maintenance were being mentioned. Finally it talked about availability and its analysis, the average hours of interruption for each linking point, the key performance indicators and how it can be measures.