Smart Cash

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Abu Hanish, Shatha
Thafer, Aya
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Issue number: GP1-4 Quality and Accreditation Unit -ABET Center Room: 112610 Ext: 88-2223 E-mail: An-Najah National University Faculty of Engineering and IT جامعة النجاح الوطنية كلية الهندسةوتكنولوجيا المعلومات Project’s Abstract: With the development of the world of industry and commerce and the increase in the number of markets, there is a need for a smart cashier that uses image processing and is supported by a display screen, a speaker and the ability to pay through a payment card. In the smart cash project, image processing will be used in order to identify the type of product and here we will specialize in some types of fruits and vegetables, as well as calculating the weight and price of goods. We will display the information about each fruit such as its name, weight and price on a display screen, as well as using a loudspeaker to broadcast the information audio. It is also possible to support the project with the possibility of paying by credit card. Providing a smart cash that serves the markets and performs the process of distinguishing the product, calculating the weights and prices quickly and in an accurate manner, and presenting them to the buyer in a smooth manner through a display screen and a speaker, and the possibility of making the payment process through a credit card. After the customer selects some types of fruit he wants to buy, the name of the fruit is distinguished through the use of cameras and the use of image processing and recognition so that the system is trained on the names and images of the fruit. Its weight and price through a display screen and a speaker. You can also use the credit card payment process. We are not sure that the same project has been implemented before, but there are certainly similar applications today but we will distinguish it from others by making it a completely smart and easy to use system and support it with some new features. In this project we will use a microcontroller Raspberry Pi with camera, and arduino as co- controller, sensors for the balance, RFID, etc.