Driving Safely

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Abu Baker, Raghad
Ashqar, Shaymaa
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Our project focuses on reducing car accidents, especially those resulting from the driver’s sleep while driving, and that in the event of an accident, it helps in directing rescue to the driver and passengers by linking the accident site to the police and rescuing them as soon as possible . The project should include a process of waking the driver when he sleeps to control the driving process. When the vehicle collides or an accident occurs, the location of the vehicle should be sent to the emergency department to act as soon as possible. The project has two interconnected aspects which are important to every driver. First aspect is monitoring the driver's eyes to see if he slept or not and giving a warning when he sleeps is important to avoid traffic accidents. Second aspect is sending the driver’s location to the emergency department when a traffic accident occurs is also important for rescuing people as soon as possible. The project consists of a Raspberry connected with a camera. the camera continues to analyze the driver’s eyes and provide reference points for analysis. Those points are then used in an algorithm which produces a percentage of how open the driver’s eyes are. This percentage is then used to decide whether the driver is asleep or not. When he closes his eyes we make it to wait for 5 frames, In this period(The equivalent of 3 seconds (if he remains asleep, an alert sound is played automatically. We will also use an Arduino Uno R3, which we will connect it to the piezo Sensor and GPS. When the piezo senses a collision, it determines the location by GPS and it sends an SMS message by sim900A gsm to the emergency department. Inside this message is a map indicating the location of the accident . We also connect the system to a character LCD to display important information such as the location of the vehicle and its status, whether it is safe or dangerous.