Developing Maintenance Management System in Al-Arabi Specialized Hospital

dc.contributor.advisorTamer Haddad
dc.contributor.authorAhmed Zaher
dc.contributor.authorReem Asmar
dc.contributor.authorNazmia Mannaa
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dc.description.abstract Overview The Hospital maintenance department is a crucial element to a high quality healthcare facility. The excellent functioning or, by other words, the maximum reliability of facilities and equipment is a main rule for this department. The policy that permits such performance must always be based on planned maintenance to maintain costs as lower as possible. In this project it will be presented a suggested maintenance system for healthcare facilities, in order to reduce exploration costs and, at the same time, reaching an excellent quality of service. The main categories of this include maintenance management system, asset management, work order tracking software, and preventative maintenance. Work management, preventive and corrective maintenance, reporting, is the basic functions of maintenance software. Work management involves the proper scheduling and maintenance of engineering and other operational departments. Most maintenance systems allow supervisors to distribute work among employees and technicians. Preventive maintenance refers to doing proactive maintenance with a view to prevent system problems. Corrective maintenance is performed to correct a problem that occurs within a system when it is working. Maintenance management system allows exact recording of data such as spare parts and other materials used in the production process. Reports generated by maintenance management systems usually include review of total expenses, equipment replacement reports, budget planning reports, and failure analysis and work history reports for specific equipment. Objectives The main objectives of this project are as follows: 1- Investigating implementing maintenance management systems in Healthcare Facilities. 2- Developing a new suggest maintenance system and comparing it with the current used one. 3- Developing a new implementation framework for Healthcare Facilities. 4- Discussing the difficulties in the adoption of maintenance systems with proper solutions.    Problem Definition: The problem existing in the maintenance system in the mentioned hospital is clearly obvious. In our point view they do not have well defined and applied maintenance system that can be relied on. A lot of information that should be collected in the scientific systems is neglected and not taken into consideration in addition to their old fashion reports that doesnt account for all required data and procedures to be done. The current hospitals maintenance system depends on paperwork in communication and flow of information. This causes the delay of some important maintenance activities that need execution at once. The proper maintenance system allows the recording and management of several processes involved in the maintenance operations of the institution and provides detailed information about the maintenance of equipment, facilities, resources, spare parts and so on. With this, we believe that a real contribution will be given for the way to manage the maintenance process and to increase the reliability of equipment and facilities. Modern maintenance employs a useful approach for performing integration on maintenance modules. This approach could be achieved through monitoring the most important variables such as the number of working hours of equipment or any other acting parameters. The Hospitals maintenance department is considered an important part of the healthcare process that the hospital provides. Maximum reliability of facilities and equipment is the basis for this department. A certain methodology is needed in order to build a healthcare maintenance system that would aid any health institution in reducing costs and achieve excellent quality of the service provided. Such a methodology can only be built by studying the current maintenance system in the institution and trying to improve it. Methodology The following points demonstrate the methodology followed in this project. 1. Study the general concepts for the maintenance system 2. Focus on the maintenance system in the health care institutions. 3. Study the current maintenance system which is considered as our case study. 4. Generate a model of the proper maintenance system needed. 5. Modify the current maintenance system studied before. 6. Develop proposals and recommendations for continuous improvement. en
dc.titleDeveloping Maintenance Management System in Al-Arabi Specialized Hospitalen
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