Active Filter

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Alkouni, Sarah
Abu Ghosh, Noura
Baker, Reem
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Power electronics play an increasingly important role in the electrified vehicle applications. Power electronics provide compact and highly–efficient solutions to power conversion. As much as this may be simple, power electronics brought many problems to systems; mainly harmonics. These harmonics increase losses which cause distortions in the voltage waveforms; this causes many problems. Harmonic distortion limits a power system’s ability in performing at optimal levels. It creates inefficiencies in the system’s operation due to increased need for power consumption; which results in higher utility costs and heating. One topology that can be used to filter out harmonic distortion is the active power filter. A commercial single–phase inverter will be controlled to generate harmonics needed to make the source signal purely sinusoidal. This project will focus on controlling the active filter using vector control. So, either a microcontroller or a DSP will be used to implement the controller and harmonic extraction process. In addition to the harmonic filtering, the active filter will also be used to inject reactive power and real power if needed using a photovoltaic panel.