Structural analysis and design of Balata health center

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Kamal, Kareem
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Balata Health Center is a medical building, which is located in the east of Nablus city in Palestine. The aim of the establishment of this building is to solve and improve the health serviceability of people in the east area of Nablus due to lack of health centers there and to be ease to access by them. This project, which is recently constructed, consists of a ground floor, top four floors, reservoir floor, electrical room and staircase, with a total area of 2727.3 m2. The ground floor consists of lobby, waiting areas, Stores, dressing room, laboratory, BIO. lab, dispensary and electrical room, with an area of 609.6 m2. In addition, the first floor has a waiting areas, sick baby room, antenatal rooms, family planning rooms, MCH rooms, MO room, NCD room, filling room and dressing room for nurses, with an area of 592.1 m2. The second floor consists of waiting areas, antenatal rooms, family planning rooms, MO rooms, NCD rooms, filling room and kitchen, with an area of 593 m2. The third floor consists of waiting areas, PSP waiting, dentist waiting, dentist room, specialist Dr. room, GYNECOLOGIST Dr. room, PSP room, Physio-Therapist office, Physiotherapy room, X-ray technician room, MO room, NCD room, stores and laundry with an area of 610 m2.And the fourth floor has a training/meeting room, big store and kitchen, with an area of 274.7 m2. Structural models will be analyzed and designed by using computer software like SAP2000, and the results will be checked by hand calculations. In addition, AutoCAD will be used in drawing sections and details. The Structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318, for seismic design UBC 97 and IBC 2012 will be used.