Mecca Mall

dc.contributor.advisorImad Adel Ahmad AL-Qasem
dc.contributor.authorOmar Mohammed
dc.contributor.authorNadeem Al-Jallad
dc.contributor.authorNabeeh Isleem
dc.description.abstract     ''Mecca Mall'' is the name of this graduation project, in reality this project is under construction. Its lies in Palestine-West Bank-Nablus-Sufian Street.      This project consists of twelve floors and roof also, with total area 6500 m2, the first two floors is under ground, and the second underground floor will be used as parking.       The building is a reinforced concrete structure for all floors, The design will be according to ACI 318 -08 for a reinforced concrete.        This will be done by using analysis programming ''SAP  2000'', and with hand calculations too.        The project will be design all slabs, columns, beams, footings. 3D model and dynamic analysis will be done to know the behavior of structure under earthquakes, in the final part in project the Reinforcing will be done for all force that attack the building including earthquakes.en
dc.titleMecca Mallen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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