Urban Planning for The City of Salfit

Salfit City is considered as one of the important cities in the West Bank, and this is because of its geographic site as an area located at the boundaries. Moreover, it faces a lot of problems and obstacles caused by the continuous procedures done by the Zionist occupation through confiscating the land to build up settlements and open detour roads and most importantly to construct the Separation Wall, in which this city wasn’t exposed to any care or attention by the PNA on the level of the development projects. This research aims basically to put planned proposal to organize and plan the urban expansion in the city by taking into consideration the existing obstacles and challenges. The importance of this study lies in the urgent need to study the existing reality for the city of Salfit when noticing the limitation of the spatial expansion in this city where there is no enough space to be freely expanded in the right way and this is because of the existing of the separation wall which surrounds the city from all directions, which in order caused in an increase in the urban sprawl toward the agricultural land in the city. The study methodology is based on three axes: First axis is the generalized theoretical axis which contains the theoretical foundations and concepts which is related to the planning within the obstacles and challenges. The second axis is the informative axis which studies the actual situation and the geographic & physical characteristics of the city. The third axis is the analytical and assessment axis through bonding the theories and the concepts with the informative axis through using the concluding and analytical methods. The research approach is showed through the field surveying for the city and introducing the existing problems. Moreover, recognizing the factors and the causes of these problems and studying the available possibilities to put the appropriate solutions, such as the available area to build up and the ability to expand within the difficult situation and challenges in the spaces. Furthermore, the availability of different resources and to what extend they can be functioned to reach to the wanted results. One of the important results which the study achieved is the unavailability of enough space for the population expansion in the city. Moreover, the local society which is physically expanding toward the agricultural land, and this what threatens the future life of the agricultural domain which is one of the significant economic resources in the area, as well as the shortage in some of the city’s services and the injustice in distributing them throughout the city. The study recommended in the necessity of conserving what is left from the agricultural land in the area and directing the expansion toward the rural areas which are close to the city instead of expanding toward the agricultural areas, in which the expansion will be much more planned and organized where the existing area doesn’t limit it from expanding.