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Ali Moalla
Hadi Jamal
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A phone application and a website to sell products that are designed, manufactured and assembled by a member of the team involved in the completion of this work, as he owns his own project in the name of "HADI CNC" in the production of antiques and home decorations that are produced according to the customer's desire. This work is to display the products in an appropriate manner and work to facilitate their access to those interested in these products and present them to them and facilitate their request according to the details that each person wants and buy them instead of ordering them through the business owner's page on social media. This application and website provide the user (the buyer) with a view of our products and the ease of communication with us and clarifying what he wants from products with his own details that are made for him and he gets the best product with the best e ciency. This project is based on the dart programming language which is the Flutter UI framework, Which includes the Application Programming Interface (API) of Node Js, with the help of the package manager of Yarn and the help of service called Strapi which was used to create the API, as for the services that we used for the Data Base we used the Cloud Data Base service of MongoDB Atlas, and for our users payments we used the payment processing services called Stripe.and in addition of using FireBase that we Used it for the Noti cation System. and we managed our customers orders and questions via bot using the kommunicate services