Water Recourses Management for Tubas Governorate

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Reham Ziad Hasson
Abeer Izzat Akleek
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The aim of the project is to analyze the water resources system for Tubas Governorate. This will include collecting data about Tubas such as; location, population, climate, topography, land use such as built up areas, forests, agricultural land.  The project evaluate the water supply and demand conditions which will include studying the existing wells, surface water and water needs both for agriculture and municipal uses. After that the future water demand will be studied, that means estimating future population, future demand and future consumption rate. To cover the gap between existing supply and future demand, the project will propose new sources such as water harvesting, rehabilitation of existing water network and digging of new ground water wells. Based on the proposed new sources, an investment plan will be developed to include the needed infrastructure to provide the additional water quantities to the different communities.