Smart IoT Planter

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Younis, Dawoud
Barq, Radi
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Having indoor plants become essential to have inside houses, especially in urban areas. People put indoor plants in their houses to give a beautiful decorative scenery, clean the house air and also benefit from what plants produce. Some people love to take care of their own plants by themselves, but for the fast majority they don’t have the experience or the needed time to take care of their own plants. These indoor plants need special care as they generally grow in unnatural conditions inside buildings at urban areas where the amount of light and space are limited. Using recent advancement and popularity of IoT technologies and sensors, a smart planter has been developed to provide people the ability to take care of their indoors plants automatically without any effort. The planter will measure light, temperature, moisture and growth rate of the plant and take actions automatically according to the gathered data from it’s sensors, these actions include for example automatic watering for the plant. The user will also have the ability to look at this data using a mobile application and be notified of important actions the planter is doing or needed from the user. The planter is fully modular, so that it’s easy to add more functionalities to the planter as needed. The planter will look very similar to normal planters so that people will still use it for decoration inside their houses. The planter also has an external movement module that has been developed, this module is responsible for the movement of the planter so that the planter could search for an area that has a good sunlight exposure or move to charge itself with the charger base.